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TRANSLATORPUB.COM - Things a Freelance Translator Should Know

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Just like any other job, being a freelance translator offers both, advantages and disadvantages. However, it is better if you are aware of what being a freelance actually means, especially having in mind that there are differences between the academic process and the current job market. Here are some things to keep in mind in you are considering becoming a freelance translator.

  1. Keep deadlines in mind at all times
  2. On average, a professional translator should be able to translate 2,500 words per day. Nonetheless, it is important that you are aware of your own pace and rhythm in order to schedule your work. You should always keep deadlines in mind since delivering the job on time will help your clients know you are a professional. Determine what the final client or the agency are expecting in terms of the final output. Be sure that you can reach their expectations on time.

  3. You will have to learn about customer service
  4. Being a freelance means, you are available to work with both, agencies or final clients depending on who hires you. This implies that you need to provide good customer service. In the end, this is what guarantees that your clients come back. As a freelance, you should start learning about how to market your services to different types of clients and how to maintain a good relationship with them. You can gain this knowledge with some online courses, some books or blogs but the experience you gain in the market is what will shape you.

  5. You have more freedom, but you should learn how to manage it
  6. As a freelance, you decide when to work and what to work on. Nobody will tell you how to structure your schedule. Whether you prefer working during mornings or during nights, it is up to you. However, it is vital that you do establish a schedule and follow it. This will help you gain discipline and successfully manage your time so you do not have to rush with a job.

  7. Be aware of your limits
  8. Being a freelance implies that you can make as much money as you want because the money you get depends on how many jobs you take and this is completely up to you. You decide if you take more jobs or less. However, you should be aware of your limits, your rhythm of work, etc. You more than anyone know which fields you are more related to and which ones might take you more time to finish. Being aware of these limits on your topics and time management is crucial to present a high-quality translation on time.

  9. You do not get paid for action
  10. Even though a translator offers both, the service (translating) and the product (the final document), people will generally pay once they receive the final document. Clients pay you for solving their problems. In this case, for the document that enables communication. This is why being disciplined is probably the most important requirement. In order to have work, you need to keep your clients happy and to do so; you should provide a high quality final document that covers their expectations and objectives.



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