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About Translatorpub.Com Membership
We hope to make subscribing at TranslatorPub.Com one of the easiest online decisions available to you! Because we are backed by an established, successful, international business consulting and language service company (Wagner Consulting International), you can be sure of our longevity, as well as the consistent availability of quality jobs to bid on - which is an option available only to subscribed members!

For further flexibility, TranslatorPub.Com offers three, six and twelve month subscription options to provide you with the peace of mind you need. Our additional reward programs also allow you to gain free access to our job postings by helping us grow the community. Commitment to the success of the website ensures you'll always have new feature launches, reliable access to the job boards and dedicated support to handle all of your questions and concerns. We're always open to suggestions and appreciate all of the feedback we get from you.

Paid Membership options are available when signing up as part of the free registration, and are always available to registered members (as well as existing paid members looking to extend their current memberships). TranslatorPub.Com is proud to offer some of the lowest rates in the translation portal industry! Please see our pricing and payment breakdown below:

Current Pricing For Memberships:

Pub Ticket for 15 months - JUST 80 EUR

That's only 5.33 EUR PER MONTH!

Pub Ticket for 12 months - JUST 70 EUR

That's only 5.83 EUR PER MONTH!

Pub Ticket for 6 months - JUST 43 EUR

That's only 7.17 EUR PER MONTH!

Pub Ticket for 3 months - JUST 34 EUR

That's only 11.33 EUR PER MONTH!

Pub Ticket for 24 months - JUST 126 EUR

That's only 5.25 EUR PER MONTH!

Pub Ticket for 36 months - JUST 189 EUR

That's only 5.25 EUR PER MONTH!
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