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TRANSLATORPUB.COM - Turn Translation Skills To Success – Working With Translation Agencies

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Turn Translation Skills To Success – Working With Translation Agencies
TP has hundreds of jobs per day

A fast way to start your career and receive ongoing projects is to cooperate with translation agencies. Such agencies have already an established client base and need linguists with certain skills. Receiving projects from translation agencies means they need to know you are around, have a certain set of skills and know how to handle translations professionally.

There are two ways for starting out your career with a translation agency:

  • Apply to one of their published jobs in our Job Board
  • Search the Job Directory and send them your details, with a request that you´d like to register your services with them

Apply On Job Post In Job Board

The easiest way of getting work is to apply in our Job Board on a project and submitting your quote. Yes, you as a linguist are asked to submit a quote – that means you should already have an idea about the prices you want to charge. You want to send the quote along with supporting documentation, such as:

  • Updated CV
  • Volume you can handle
  • Language Pairing you translate from / to
  • References (do mention them or state: references available upon request)
  • Translation samples (attach a few or put them in your profile at TranslatorPub.com to show them the links to it)
  • Small personalized email why you would be a good choice to handle this project

Note: be precise and short, keep in mind that you also need to be fast, as projects are being assigned rapidly by Project Managers (“PMs”).
It is always a good idea to also let them know, that even if you are too late in submitting your quote or another linguist has been chosen for this project, you want to register your services in their database and are available to accept future jobs.

Register Your Services

Another good way is to visit our directory and look up some translation agencies that you may like, based on selection criteria that you have come up with. Many translation agencies provided information at their TP profile on how to register your services with them or how to apply to join their vendor database.

Do note that translation agencies receive hundreds such emails each week. Therefore, it is important that your application stands out. This certainly can be done by writing a flawless email and attach your latest CV. If the Vendor Manager working on your application opens your CV and already sees numerous spelling mistakes, your chances of ever receiving work vaporize with that agency.

The TP profile of the agency you plan to register your services with usually tells you exactly what they are looking for and what information you should submit with your application.

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